Different tests

  1. Different tests

    I dont completely understand the difference in test compositions...such as sus, en, cy...I know different one's stay in your system longer, but why would that really matter, wouldent you just assume take a shot once a week opposed to 3 if there was no difference...I notice people use enthanate for mass oriented cycles and sustanon for more cutting cycles, (or at least I think I notice this) can someone give me some explinations, thanks....

  2. Enan is used pretty much as a "convenience" on long cycles b/c you don't have to pin it as often. Same with Cyp.

    Prop and suspension are both more common with more advanced AAS users. Quicker results, most people say more powerful*.

    *they would be more powerful mg/mg because The E and C in Test E and Test C both take up a certain percentage (I think 1/4 or something) of the molecular weight. Therefore, if you have 1000mg of Test E, you're really only getting [a theoretical--if my numbers are correct, which they probably are not] 750 mg of Test. the prop ester is small and test suspension is just testosterone base (pure test) in a water solution.

    the shorter the ester, the faster the results and the more frequent you have to inject.

    i.e. it is not uncommon to see someone using test suspension in a pinning 2x/day routine.

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