Injectable Winny vs Oral winny

  1. Injectable Winny vs Oral winny

    I always thought that winny was winny. Is winny harder on your liver if you do it orally rather than pinning it?

  2. If it is, it's not by much.... both versions are 17aa so it really makes little difference.

  3. You said it yourself, winny is winny. Some people claim it is slightly less toxic to inject it because it eliminates the 1st pass thru the liver, but I claim thats bs. winny is winny.

  4. Don't forget about the fact that winny crushes your lipid profile either....

  5. winstrol = winstrol. i've never understood the point of pinning 17aa substances like winstrol and the injectable dbol. the only thing i could think of is if it is an esterless compound site injected after a workout for site improvement.

  6. Thanks guy, I appreciate it. I still would like to know for sure either way. If anyone has any specific reasons why either its the same or one is harder on the liver than the other, I would appreciate it.

  7. Injections are more of a local delivery, while orals have to go thru the gut.. Injectables are pretty much always water-based, so the crystals are left to dissolve, not making a direct pass thru the liver.. Orally, absorbsion is different so the compound hits the liver alot sooner.. It's still a methylated product, so you'll still get abit of toxicity..

  8. Oral winstrol requires higher dosages as opposed to injectable.


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