Hey guys thought I might offer my personal experiences with insulin.
I am still not an expert but before you think about slin become as close to an expert on it as possible!

I've used slin 3 times now, each time for a slightly different reason. And loved every minute of them all

First adventure with it was small doses (1-2 iu) to get into keto quicker.
This was the least enjoyable experience as it involved shooting a little, checking blood sugar, shooting some more. I eventually got to hitting the right dose in 2 shots. This worked well as I was usually in keto the next day no problem.

THe second time was similiar goal, to help stay in keto but maintin muscle on a diet. Most of you guys will recognize this idea from elite if you read there much, it may have started elsewhere but that is where I found it. I would use slin to reduce blood sugar sunday and be in keto Monday. My workout schedule was mon/tues thur/friday at 4 pm. I would do the usual high fat/protein no carb during the day. After the work out I would use 5 iu of slin and then have a nice big carb/protien shake. THen if no hypo feelings came on I would switch back to normal keto food by 6 or 7 that night. Skill technically in keto by the ketostix and blood sugar levels. THis was a good experience, I managed to gain a little muscle and strength while loosing a fair amount of fat.

My latest use of slin was for "bulking". I wanted to see how my body would respond to slin alone. I know Yellowjacket has said his body does not respond well to insulin alone. I guess I am lucky and I do respond well to it. I worked out 3 times a week first thing in the morning. THen I would use 10 iu of Hum-R. I started at 185 and after 4 weeks am at a solid 204. Body fat went up a little but not much (maybe a pound or two of fat). One thing I noticed is the Insulin worked for a LONG time in my body this time around. I shot at 7:30 am, by 3:00 pm I would have few cups of gatorade or I would begin to feel the hypo effects. I would also eat fairly large amounts of sugar/oatmeal/rice through out the day. Perhaps it was the sugar defecit in my blood after working out and having eaten no carbs until after the shot. I also was sure to do an hour or so of cardio 3 times a week to keep the bf down.

Over all slin has been very good to me, and I plan to visit her again after I get some cutting taken care of. Next time I don't think I will use it again. I am hoping with 18 lb of good mass alone, using it with a good cycle will bring some great results.

Golden rules I have learned about slin.
Start low and work up, slin can sneak up on you very easily
Listen to the smart guys on this board about it.
ALWAYS have alot of sugar handy.
Eat no fat while it is in your system.
Listen to your body.