Thinking about running a shorter cycle...

  1. Thinking about running a shorter cycle...

    I ran a 4 week cycle of SD (10/20/20/20) at the beginning of the summer with favorable results and now I'm considering a shorter cycle, probably 2 weeks at 20/20. On my first cycle I noticed that my best gains came during week 2 and at that point I had no lethargy. In weeks 3 and 4 my gains began to tapper off, my sex drive took a nose dive, and the lethargy got to a point where I could barely force myself to lift. I'm thinking that by shortening the cycle I can hopefully avoid or minimize these side effects while still making some decent gains. Does anybody see a flaw in this logic? Also, I'm thinking that a 2 week pct w/ nolva would be sufficient to get my testoserone flowing again, does that sound about right? I always hear people say that PCT should last as long as it takes to get your body back to normal but how in the world are you supposed to know exactly when that happens?

  2. Nobody has an opinion on any of this?

  3. There are some who advocate running short cycles vs 1 long one such as 2on/2off/2on/2off/4off for example. But I'm not sure in PH world which compound would be best to use since most would take 1-2 weeks to kick in.

  4. I say give it a shot and see how you are responding....its not like you can't go ahead and keep going with your cycle if your not satisfied at the 2 week point.

  5. I wonder how much actual muscle can be built in 2 wks. but give it a try and like boss said extend it if needed. increase pct as needed.



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