Females and T3/Clen

  1. Females and T3/Clen

    Anyone know wether or not woman on the same type of cycle as guys will notice the same difference in weight loss? I did it at the end of a cycle and cut up real good. She is in her 2nd week and stressing out cause she is not noticing a difference. I told her to be patient. I have her on a 5 week cycle.....

    Clen = 111112222233333444443333322222 11111
    T3=.5.5.5111122223333444433332 2221111.

    She is drinking plenty of water, 1.5 protein per pound, pretty clean diet for the most part....... and doing cardio 4 days a week and weights 3 days. She is just trying to drop about 5-7 lbs and tone up.

  2. You might want to consider shortening the t3 cycle to 3 weeks to reduce down regulation of the thyroid and prevent some redbound on her... but I suppose this is debatable. In addition, most people suggest a 2 week on, 2 week off strategy for the clen. You can do what you want, but this person is taking your advice, so make sure your solid in your recommendations. As for her results, just explain to her that everyone is different and everyone will see different results at different times. A clen and t3 stack should definitely do the trick if her diet is in order. Continue to tell her to be patient and analyze her diet again to make sure there isn't any flaws that could be hindering results.


  3. Generally her results should be slower since her nartual metabolism is slower. This is why t3 is so popular with women. Many women use t3 for longer cycle 6-8 weeks at lower and constant doses. Something on the lines of 25-50mcg per day.
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