So, I hit week 3 today of my e...max / prostan cycle.

week 1-2:
20mg e...max
75mg prostan
50mg ATD

week 3:
30mg e...max
75mg prostan
100mg ATD

First two weeks were pretty good, but things really picked up the way I was originally expecting the cycle to do when I upped the e...max to 30mg.

I'd say i'm shutting down some, but it's minor. My libido has been crap, but I think that's because of the heat (which i hate), and some personal/relationship stuff going on.

I'd say I've gained a good 7-8 lbs. and have all my lifts have gone up in weight. What's even better is that I don't feel injured in any way, or tired, or overtrained. I think I'm going increase the number of workouts / week by one (from 4x/wk to 5x/wk).

When would you suggest stopping the cycle? I know most say 4 weeks, but I really feel like things are just getting going, and that'd mean I only have one week left.

I will stop in a week though if the sentiment is that I'll be so shut down that I'll lose too much during PCT.

For PCT, I've gotATD, nolvad, some n'gorge (CEE), ZMA, 7-oho (lean extreme), and instone forza t (6-oxo, tribulus).