Any one heard anything good about this or is it still to new?

  2. ITs been around but the info and feedback has been real sketchy.
    Its supposed to be one compound out of the mix in ALRIs Max LMG 'pheromone matrix'.

  3. Still extremely new...some logs are about to be started up, so we will have a good idea of how it works pretty soon.

    Its basically the 2ene-3ene ergomax combo,minus the 3ene because its apparently useless...hence making the Phera-plex stronger. Im going to check out some logs before making a purchase, although I think it should be effective.

  4. I think its also not methylated so I'm wondering how bioavailable it is.

  5. No, it's methylated.


  6. Quote Originally Posted by blam
    No, it's methylated.


    Yes you're right. And I was in error in my earlier post, its a compound also found in Ergomax LMG (not MAX LMG).

  7. i was wondering if phera-plex is stronger than superdrol,should the weight gain be the same? is phera-plex a good mass builder or more for hardening?

  8. it's almost purely androgenic. it would stack well with superdrol as it is more anabolic than androgenic.

  9. so there would be alot of side effects from phera-plex

  10. Quote Originally Posted by candmbiz
    so there would be alot of side effects from phera-plex
    androgenic side effects (MPB, BPH, acne, aggression) were experienced by some of the original testers, but it hasnt been confirmed by widespread use yet.


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