best to use while cutting?emax or SD?

  1. best to use while cutting?emax or SD?

    Any input from people that have used either of these?

  2. i think i've heard that people go up in bf% on SD, and drop on emax. so emax is probably your best bet.

  3. did you do a search?
    also cutting is a function MORE of diet and cardio than any supplaments you are taking

  4. Why cut with Emax or SD? If your going to be putting something as strong as methasteron in your body, BULK!

    Listen to Matthew....with a good diet in check, you can cut without these supplements.

  5. however, if you have it and don't mind using it, why not use one to keep the inevitable muscle loss (from cutting) minimized. I see no harm in taking it to help, especially for those who want to get real low in bf. Just my thoughts. I did ok on sd when i cut with it, since I didn't experience much in the way of water retention. That was awhile ago. I am now using e...max for the cut I am on and it seems to be working well. I have kept measurements (bi's, etc) and seen fat loss to know I am making progress.

  6. emax > SD for cutting in my experience (i've used both for that function) as it imparts more hardness and causes less lethargy (allowing you to do more cardio)


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