Cycle help please

  1. Arrow Cycle help please

    Opinions, Ideas, Criticisms?

    Planned Cycle:
    E-Max: 20mg/day weeks 1-3
    Prostanazol: 75mg/day 3-6
    UHotter: 2cap/day throughout

    Rebound XT 3/2/2/1
    Lean Extreme 4/day till done
    ?DHEA 200mg X 2 weeks, 100mg X 2 weeks
    Nolva, available if needed

    Milk thistle 4 weeks prior, will resume week 4.
    Creatine during PCT

    I am seriously considering obtaining some Anavar. I would use in place of Prostanazol, but probably extend the cycle by 2 weeks if I do. I was thinking running the Anavar 30mg X 2 weeks, 45mg X 2 weeks, 30 mg X 2 weeks and then start PCT. I am looking for moderate LBM and strength increases. I can't afford a new wardrobe.

    Pics & measurements are here:

    Feed back would be appreciated.
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