EQ-Prop Dosage

  1. EQ-Prop Dosage

    What sort of dosage would be used with boldenone prop?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by noctorum
    What sort of dosage would be used with boldenone prop?
    Bro! That's not much info to work with. If your running it solo, about 1g/wk.

  3. I abandoned this idea, but no reason to not get an answer out there for someone searching

    The plan was to stack it with tren e and test e.

  4. Oh, gotcha! You'd need about the same dose as test in a stack. Like 500/500 in general.

  5. I might come back and use this in the future. It sounds like a great recomposition cycle.

  6. why would you run two long esters, then throw in the eq prop? doesnt really make sense to me, whey not eq prop, tren ace, and test prop?

  7. To try it out

  8. I mean if your running long esters, run long esters, if you running short esters run short esters. Unless your running a test e base and switching between different short ester hormones for a 12 wk+ cycle I see no need to do that...plus EQ prop stings like a biatch supposidly.


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