DR. D help with pct please!

  1. DR. D help with pct please!

    i'm wondering if dr d or anyone else here could help me with a pct question. i just completed a SD cycle for 4 weeks - 2 weeks 20mg and 2 weeks 30mg and started pct of nolva and dhea on july 30th - nolva 40/30/20/10 and dhea 200mg for first 2 weeks and 100mg last 2 weeks was my plan. i recently purchased lean xtreme, ultra hotter, and fenugreek from a recommendation of a friend. my question is this. since i've almost complete 2 weeks of nolva/dhea for pct (this saturday will be 2 weeks) how would you suggest i implement any/or of these new supplements into my pct. should i drop nolva and replace with something or just add them to my cycle? this was my 2nd SD cycle and i'm 38 yrs old and 188#'s. since these supplements are new to me, please tell me how much and when is it best to take them as well.

    any feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated guys. this site comes highly recommended from a buddy of mine and i look forward to reading/posting often.


  2. Read through this thread: Dr. D PCT question

    Poor Dr.D is being kept very busy lately with PCT requests...not to mention he works two jobs and averages 5hrs of sleep with three kids!

    K, guilt-trip over

  3. here is a suggestion someone gave me since i've done 2 weeks of nolva already
    any tweaks please let me know

    wk1: 3 caps UH @ night, 3 fen caps (any best time to take?), 200mg DHEA (100mg am/100mg noon), 100mg LX (50mg am/50mg pm)
    wk2: 2 UH caps @ night, 4 fen caps, 100mg DHEA (50mg am/50mg noon), 100mg LX (50mg am/50mg pm)
    wk3: 1 cap UH @ night, 5 fen caps, 100mg DHEA (50mg am/50mg noon), 50mg LX

  4. yes that looks fine. Almost overkill considering your already 2 weeks into PCT. I would just finish with what you have listed in weeks 2 & 3.

  5. I agree with erich. weeks 1 and 2. also dont be afraid to search and read old posts.

  6. With the fenugreek or lean xtreme, you can use these longer than pct since they have things that are just nice to have all the time. Some cortisol control is always nice when off cycle to try and boost things in favor of muscle growth. Also fenugreek is always great for making your nuts larger and your loads bigger. The last thread I read on fenugreek I think it was discussed that no one is sure if it helps with test (I may be wrong on this), but the other benifits of brining the nuts back to regular size is always nice.

    If you use the UH, don't take it all at night, split the dose up throughout the day. I just asked this question with Dr. D yesterday. If you were to only take one pill, then take it at night, otherwise desperse it throughout the day, same with all the others. It helps with more even levels of control for hormones in the body.

  7. Good advice given already, and welcome to the board.

  8. hey ryan
    its matt - same guy you've helped over at atomic nutrition
    do u think adding these are overkill since i've done 2 weeks nolva/dhea already?
    seems to be so speculative - some ppl say no and some say yes

    thanks for the welcome

  9. I think your pct is fine without the extra ATD, I would add the LX for cortisol suppression, and the fenugreek would be fine as well. The doses you have seem fine.

    If you want to add the ATD I would start lowering the SERM dose and follow what you have written down in weeks 2, and 3.

  10. ryan
    i'm dropping nolva completely and had plans of replacing with ultra hotter/lx/fenu/dhea
    seems i can't get 1 answer really so i'll just give this a shot for the last couple weeks pct
    heard so many good things about UH and LX that i'm excited to try them


  11. well everyone has their own opinion on what works best. You kind of have to find what works best for you.

  12. Sounds fine, give some feedback on your results.



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