1-test gains slow after 4 weeks?

  1. 1-test gains slow after 4 weeks?

    I heard this from several people. What's up with that? It doesn't make any sense that it would happen with 1-test and not other AAS. Is it only with transdermals (something going on with the skin)?

    I want to do a 6 week cycle of 0.5g 1-test and 1g 4-ad per day. Think it would be better to stop at 4 weeks and try to keep what I have?

  2. holy **** brotha, half a gram of 1-test and a full gram of 4-ad a day is an extremely hardcore cycle. how many have u done before? i definitely wouldnt suggest that much if this is u're first cycle.

  3. It does happen and has been demonstrated time and time again. It is more common than not to see gains stall out at 4 weeks.

  4. this would be my 3rd. im 240, so I would need a higher dose. What's the most that people usally do?
    .5g 1-test may be a bit high, but many people have done avants one+ in 2 weeks, giving you almost 1g of 4-ad per day

    would stacking something else help keep the gains coming?

  5. I have gone as high as 10 squirts/day T1. I know 8 squirts is 333mg 1 test, 667mg 4 ad/day. After 3.5 weeks, gains just about screeched to a halt.

  6. Yeah gains usually slow down at this point of time. But I really don't know why they do, its at the tip of my tongue but i cant explain it :\


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