ACLU Bust Card

  1. Exclamation ACLU Bust Card

    Some of you may have seen this before. This is the ACLU Bust card that you can print out and keep in your wallet, your car, or in your house. It explains your rights if you are questioned, searched or arrested by the police. I believe this should really only apply to US citizens.

    Everyone should print this out and keep it handy, just in case.

    You need Adobe Acrobat to view it.
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  2. Good stuff. Good in general.

  3. Pogue, I'm very upset with you.

  4. lol... nice one Pogue... but you got scotty all pissed!

  5. Originally posted by scotty2
    Pogue, I'm very upset with you.

  6. Thanks Pogue....Good info......



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