stupid stories

  1. stupid stories

    What is the worst anti-steroid story you've heard?
    Lyle Alzado excluded.


    My HS track coach told me about this guy he heard of (all good stories start this way) that juiced without working out (who would bother juicing if they didn't workout?). After getting huge, w/o lifting at all during his cycle, he tried to do a heavy curl and ripped his bicept off of his upper arm (my coach claimed that his muscle grew too fast for his ligaments to keep up with and so they teared) and so this guy has his bicept hanging around his elbow and of course, he needed surgery to reattach his bicept.

    The horror of steroids!

  2. LMAO! Nice one bro. Nice.

  3. Everybody has a story from a friend of a friend or someones brothers taxi driver or whatever that used steroids and their balls fell off or their liver failed. These are probably closer to urban legends, or if nothing else, just stories passing through the grapevine changing a lot.

    In reality, he probably pulled a muscle, but as the story got around, it turned into "his bicep fell on the floor"

  4. Of course the story I posted isn't true. It did scare me for a bit though back in the day.
    I just thought it'd be interesting and amusing to hear other such horrible steroid legends.

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