gels vs injection

  1. gels vs injection

    Not sure if this is exactly the right spot for this... I am currently on TRT (testosterone replacment therapy). I'm only 27, but I will probably have to be on this the rest of my life due to a pituitary tumor a few years ago. I'm currently putting on 10g of androgel on a day, but am seriously considering going back to weekly injections. I'm not sure what is best. I want to switch off of the gel, as its something that is a real annoyance to slather on this crap every morning after a shower. Its messy, and you run the risk of exposing others in the house to it. Some days I just dont have time to put it on right away, and I have occasionally missed some days. I was on injections a few years ago, and went off of them due to the 'roller coaster' effect. I would feel good for a few days, and then crash down. Looking back I think they were too far apart. 2-3 weeks. I'm hoping a weekly injection will keep me up high enough. I like the gel because my levels really never peak or trough. What do you guys think? I really dont know a whole lot of the 'injection' side of trt.

  2. if its possible i would want a once weekly injection.

  3. enanthate/cypionate anyone?

  4. I'm no endocrinologist but isn't 10 grams of androgel too much ? I'd definitely opt for injection, that would be too messy

  5. Im a big fan of transdermals when it comes to short cycles for bodybuilding - but If I were to be on test for the rest of my life I would take weekly injections for sure.


  6. Transdermals are typically better for HRT due to their ability to increase DHT moreso than injections....however, if it increases TOO much then the injections are a better way to go. 2-3 weeks is WAY too long to go between injections. 100 mg once a week, have levels checked the day before the next injection to see if they are in the upper quartile of normal...that's what you're aiming for.

    Try to get your endo to control your E2 and total estrogen as well as getting on some HCG.
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    injections of cyp. weekly. Most good docs will put you on weekly injects of test cyp. much easier IMO than the gel.


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