Critque me upcoming cycle, please !!!

  1. Critque me upcoming cycle, please !!!

    I am 34 yo, 6'1, 200# with about 12% bf.
    I follow a very strict diet and to save space will leave out other
    supps,vits,etc. I am looking for a lean bulk and think this might work.

    Weeks 1-8: M5AA-60 mg/day
    Weeks 1-8: 1,4 andro-dione-1.6 g/day
    Weeks 1-3: SD-20/30/30 mg/day
    Weeks 4-8: 1-T trans-600 mg/day

    Might have to add a little 4-ad towards end of cycle to combat lethargy
    but was going tot first try e/c stack.

    I have done other cycles with most ph/ps's before including 30 mg/day SD.
    My PCT will include rebound xt, clomid citrate, etc.

    Caloric intake will be around 4500, resting metabolic rate is 2350.

  2. It looks OK, but I'd ramp my doses every 2 wks. For example, with the M5, I'd do:

    wk1-2: 40mg
    wk3-4: 60mg
    wk5-6: 80mg
    wk7: 60mg
    wk8: 40mg

    I'd do this little ramp down at the end too because M5 is bad going into PCT.

  3. what brands is the m5 and the 1,4ad??

    is the 1,4 methylated?

  4. 1,4 ad is from bulk (1fast400)

    m5 is from undergraound labs

  5. dr d what is wrong with m5 going into pct? I figured the anti estrogen effects would be good.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by wastedwhiteboy2
    dr d what is wrong with m5 going into pct? I figured the anti estrogen effects would be good.
    It is a good anti-e, so it doesn't hurt FSH feedback as much, but it's hell on LH.

  7. ok cool thanks.


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