Best compund to use with 1-test trans?

  1. Best compund to use with 1-test trans?

    Before winter starts I'm gonna do one more cycle, and have never used 1-test (saving it for a rainy day) so wanted to give it a shot...err, rub, hehe!
    Anyway, what do you fellas with experience w/it think is the best to stack it with of the following (also any additions you think are necessary, besides,etc.):
    and mdien?

    Whadya think? Any input would be great! Thanks fellas!

  2. Well I would do it with something thats going to help your libido. 1-test is killer on the ole' sex drive. So I would use 4AD or Test

  3. ... but you're 18 builtolast

  4. ...And not allowed to post here!!!!!

  5. I thought you knew this.




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