PCT Interactions

  1. PCT Interactions

    Ok this will be my most comprehensive PCT yet. I just wanna double check to see if you guys see any interactions between anythin I'm taking PCT.

    Red Yeast Rice/ CoQ10
    Fish Oil
    V-12 Turbo
    Ultra Hot

    I'm thinking that about it, prolly will add milk thistle. My cycle had Superdrol/Max LMG and Prostanozol.

  2. Biggity Bump

  3. milk thistle takes like a month or 2 to have any active effect, so you may as well not bother.
    Get some R-ALA or k-R-ALA to help with liver enzymes, as its the only short term thing to actually cause a reduction in liver enzyme values

    All in all though, looks like a solid PCT.. i would add fenugreek though.. im on PCT right now with fenugreek and it is making it a breeze (not just fenugreek though)

  4. Yeah I fogot to add that, Fenugreek is in there for sure. Thanks for the responce. For some reason I thought Albuterol and the Creatine in the V-12 has some sort of interaction!

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