Help w/ 1test

  1. Help w/ 1test

    Ok i want to run a cycle of 1-test only ( i know lethargy and sex drive loss but no bloat also right???) So i need to get some T-gel from the bros at BDC and dump 12gs of 1 test into it but how many bottles do i need if i want to run 8 weeks at a high dose.

    I have some other questions too.

    How soon will it kick in ? ( like will i start to feel the effects ect.)

    Is it a really ****ty idea to run 1test alone? i can afford no bloat at all.

    Ok thanx bros


  2. Run 4 weeks at the lowest effective dose. It will kick in pretty quickly, but that really depends on the individual.

  3. why so short and a low dose - lol sorry if i sound excesive but i come from a era of if a little bits good.....

  4. I have found, when speakig of PH's/1T, that a majority of people reap 90-95% of the growth they are going to have in the first 4 weeks of the cycle and little to no growth the last 4 weeks. There's just no reason to hammer your body for another 4 weeks for 2 or 3 pounds.

  5. im cutting im mostly using it for the anticatobolic effect. so would it be preference?

  6. I would still only go 4 weeks, but hey, do what you want.

  7. ok ill take ur word for it bro but whats up on the doseage and how many bottles of tgel will i need and how many grams of 1 test

    and is 1 test alone a ****ty idea

  8. please check this thread i wanted to order tonight

  9. yes, if you want a high dose of 1test....4 weeks will last exactly.....use 12 grams, so you will be getting around 400mg a day. to me thats a high dose, moderate (average) is 200mg

  10. thanx

  11. 400 is way to high for a first timer... 1-test is a steroid remember.. 200mg is what i woudl suggest... Also run 1/2 as much 4-ad with it. You will get no bloat from that. it will keep the lethargy from the 1-test in check... Also only run 4 weeks like ww07 said... Make sure you have a good post cycle .. 1-test shuts you down good... Talk to ya
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