MattD : Question about Forum Rules

  1. Arrow MattD : Question about Forum Rules

    Matthew D, its me again. Before you whip out the ol' ban stick for the third da** time..

    As far as source posting goes, what are the specifics? My guess was no source posting for "illegal supplements"/AAS or prescription drugs. But I asked about research powders, which I assumed would be kosher because of our board sponsors selling them. Guess I was wrong...

    Two, why the hell was I banned the second time? Just because I reregistered? I didn't really try to hide what I was doing (arlowf --> arlow)

    So, could you kind of wave the punishment of banning here considering I didn't really post a source, and i would have never thought it was against the rules to ask about what our board sponsers sell.

    If your going to ban me, email me at [email protected] with your response. Can't really read your response if you ban me and delete the thread.

  2. you post in the anabolic section 2 times.. you were already warned once before about posting then I ask you to remove something for you own good then you don't..
    The second banning was for lying about your age and expecting someone not to notice it.. I am not trying to be a big pain in the ass, just follow the board rules for all our sakes...
    Now I have no problem with you personally.. from what I went back and read you seemed like you doing okay..
    Now I can give you ONE more chance with your old arlowf handle if you can go and read all the board rules.. fair enough?

  3. Arrow Doh!

    That's right, you guys have an age limit here of 21, not 18. Sorry, used to the other age. Then no problem, I'll stay out of the Anabolics section. And the second time I didn't try to hide my age, I just flew through the whole registration process. Didn't think I was alluding anybody with the whole arlowf>arlow thing

    Appreciate it... What are the chances of you unbanning my arlowf username?

  4. I will take care of it right now.. Just relog on with it
  5. Arrow Deal

    Gotcha. Sorry about all the trouble, but I'm a board addict. Read them all...

  6. no problem at all.. and you did the right thing with the way you asked about it... I am fairly reasonable most of the time


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