Shutdown and anabolic steroids

  1. Shutdown and anabolic steroids

    A few questions...

    1) Is there any truth (read: very-experienced steroid user anecdotes or preferably literature) to the notion that steroids with short half lives can be taken in the morning, with a result being less HPTA shutdown? This also assumes that the short half-life steroid also has metabolites with short half lives.

    2) Specifically, I am asking about a cycle I have planned for 1 month from now. This is what it will be:

    weeks 1-2: s1+, sd 10mg, formestane at night
    week 3: s1+, sd 10mg, ergo 10mg, formestane at night
    week 4-6: s1+, ergo 20mg, formestane at night.

    (s1+ is transdermal test/1-test. Formestane because I have it, and would rather use it than waste it. Nolva, ATD, and a source for letro is on-hand during the cycle.)

    -S1+ is commonly used with X sprays in the morning and X sprays at night. How would dosing 2X in the morning affect anabolism and HPTA shutdown differently?

    I figure I'll be pretty shut-down by the end of this cycle, but I might as well reduce the severity if possible. Thanks to anybody with anecdotes/studies who can contribute.

  2. No not any truth to it at all..

  3. roll tide roll

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