Lower Back Pain

  1. Lower Back Pain

    I am running a cycle of 16mg daily of M-dien, 400mg weekly of test enanthate and 660mg of 1-test cypionate weekly.

    The problem I am encountering is crippling lower back pain a la what M1T did to me when I squat. In fact the constant lower back pump is painful even as I sit down adn write this. Anyone got any suggestions? I started nolva at 20mg daily yesterday in the hope it will help but so far no good.

  2. Taurine is your best bet. Take about 5 - 6 grams a day and it should help significantly. Make sure you are getting plenty of water and potassium as well.

  3. Thanks. I am gonna try that taurine which I already have and get some potassium while increasing my water intake. I am meant to squat a minimum of 3 times a week so these problems need to be addressed.

  4. The taurine usually completely kills any pain involved with my lower back pumps, I still get some tightness and sometimes it is somewhat painful but after a minute or two sitting I'm good to go again, usually without another incident.

  5. I have the same pain and some times especially after shoulders presses, i wont be able to walk, what causes this??



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