2 week cycle advice

  1. 2 week cycle advice

    I'm going to do a short two week cutting cycle, take two weeks off (with pct) and then do a 2-4 week lean bulk cycle. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what sort of phs I should use? I've used m4ohn and m-dien before for cutting, but those normally take about two weeks to kick in, at which point I'll be ready for a my break. I have m1t available to me, as well as superdol, m4ad, m14ad, m5aa, and some m4ohn.

    I know m5aa is good for cutting but I'm worried about the androgenic sides because. That leaves me with either superdrol or m1t. I would like to avoid m1t because of all its sides, but I would also like to save the superdrol for a bulking cycle.

    Does the above line of reasoning seem to work? A low does m1t cutting cycle for two weeks, two weeks of recovery, then 2-4 weeks of whatever?

    Would you do it a different way considering what I have access to?

    Thanks for any help.

  2. Is there any reason that you're doing only a two week cut...seems kinda pointless?????

  3. Its a 2 week psmf, then I'm going to take a diet break where I am still cutting, just not as extreme.

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