Maybe a stupid question, but.........

  1. Maybe a stupid question, but.........

    can you/is it advisable to take fenugreek while on an ergomax lmg cycle to keep the boys plump?

  2. You certainly can but some may say that you might diminish fenu's potential role in PCT after the cycle...sort of like HCG use while on or during PCT only.

    I'd go for it as it's probably pretty harmless either way.

  3. Well I have nolva and Rebound for PCT, so that's why I was thinking of taking fenu on-cycle. I'll give it a shot, thanks!

  4. You could also try Rebound during the cycle as well. It is possible that ATD may help prevent some shutdown. I think a study was posted in one of ALRI's "The Core" magazine showing that there was only a 33% decrease in LH/FSH when it was taken with methyltestosterone.

  5. ALRIs believes ATD is comparable to HCG if not better. Whether it would work like Swale's protocol (on cycle) is not determined yet...
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