Just wanted to get some opinions/feedback on what everyone thinks on the anabolic xtreme dosing scheme for a superdrol and phera-plex stack. In the Phera-Plex writeup it gives a stack example as:

wk1 PP 10-20mg
wk2 PP 20-30mg
wk3 PP 20-30mg
wk4 PP 20mg SD 20mg
wk5 PP 20mg SD 20mg
wk6 SD 20-30mg
wk7 SD 20-30mg
wk8 SD 20-30mg

The remainder 4 weeks consist of PCT with Rebound XT and LX

Now my questions...1. Is this really overkill as far as side effects are concerned (i.e. is this just too dangerous of a combo)? 2. If it is alright to run the cycle they have shown, would E-Max work as a substitution for the PP seeing how the hype is that they are very similar?

Personal info: I've ran two solo cycles of SD @ 4 weeks a piece with good results. 6'1" 240lbs with two solid years of training.