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    Hey guys, hope this is the right place to post this. Just finished reading the most recent "first cycle" thread in here, as well as quite a few others. I'm 21 and I have been training for the better part of the last five years. I skiied semi-pro for a season (last year), and may return in the future, but most recently I have been strictly lifting. I am on week 29 (17 in the "six month road map") of AST's Max-OT program, approaching a rest week and am seriously considering a cycle, although of what I am not sure. My former training partner (moved back to school) recently did a cycle of SD and experienced good gains and little sides, however my current training partner (the former's brother) and I are considering other alternatives. I am 6-0 224lbs (partner is 6-0 230, similar goals) and looking to add a little mass, strength, and lean out as much as possible. When I was competing I was down to as low as 180lbs, but not much strength or size outside of my legs. A friend of mine recently did a 10 week cycle of winstrol, and had excellent cutting results, but from what I have read winstrol alone is not a wise choice. I was thinking of running it with test, but I am not sure which would suit my needs, as well as winstrol's properties best. I also plan to run the full line of PCT and Ancill. applicable to the combination I end up with, *advice on this is helpful as well*. Like I said, this is my first cycle, closest I've come is 1AD back in the pre-ban days haha. Thanks for all the info in advance, hoping to use this upcoming rest week to plan everything out.

  2. Go to th stickies and read cycles for the newbie. Pick one research it and then if you don't like it try another. Most here will tell you always to have test in there so maybe test jumpstart with superdrol for a drier cycle. If you don't care about bloat maybe d-bol. But either way try to lay out a cycle than maybe ask the vets to critique it like others do. If you'll notice they don't seem to want to give pointers as much to people that don't research. Lay out a cycle and then post it and I am sure you'll get more help that way.

  3. Cool thanks for the advice. I have done some research, and sorta did outline a cycle, but tried to leave things open to any suggestions. Basicially it would look something like the last couple on the stickies:

    Cycle 11:
    1 – 10 Enan 500mg/wk
    7 – 12 Winny 50mg ED
    1 – 15 Nolvadex 10mg ED
    1 – 15 L-dex .25mg ED

    Start PCT 1 day after last Winny injection / dose

    Cycle 12:
    1 – 10 Cyp 400mg/wk
    8 – 13 Winny 50mg ED
    1 – 15 Nolvadex 10mg ED
    1 – 15 L-dex .25mg ED

    Start PCT 1 day after last Winny injection / dose

    Bloating is something I want to avoid. I do want to gain mass, but I'd like for this first cycle to be "relatively" mild as far as weight gain, concentrating mainly on getting leaner as well as stronger. Anyway, hope that clarifies things a bit, and thanks again for the advice.

  4. I would go with cycle 11 over 12 but that is just me. Here is a link so you can research enan vs. cyp. and winny and any others you might want. BTW bloat can be controlled with arimidex and diet. I still think sd and test would make a good first but you seem to be patial to winny. Here you go, oh yeah welcome here bro...

  5. cycle 11 looks good. fwiw, there's no use injecting winny, just drink it. bloat shouldn't be an issue as long as your diet is in check. i would recommend not using nolvadex or l-dex unless the need arises. what does your diet look like? break it down to # meals, macros, etc.

  6. yeah, what beelz said about the nolvadex bro, don't use it until you need it some estrogen is good for muscle growth, notice i said SOME estrogen is good, you'll have to judge for yourself, if you do decide to take an anti-e throughout the cycle , i would go with an anti aromatase instead of a serm, the difference between the two is that a serm is a mild estrogen that attaches to the estrogen receptor and actually blocks other stronger estrogens at their receptor site, anti aromatase actually "kills" estrogen before it gets started, there have also been some theories that nolvadex will make for a subpar cycle, just my 2cents bro

  7. I would dump the winny.. and just do a test only cycle.. I am not a big fan of winny at all or deca for that matter.. .

  8. I haven't been on this board all that long, but I think it's safe to say Matthew D loves test! lol

  9. glen likey test too

  10. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    glen likey testes too


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