I have been thinking a lot about how I responded last year to M1T and am quite confused actually.. I took M1T (VPX "Monster" Test) late last year and didn't gain a pound. I actually lost quite a bit of bodyfat and couldn't eat enough to gain weight, although I could get a bloated gut from eating too much, but the next morning I was flat as hell. I didn't gain any strength either.. Hmm.. It seemed to act as a diuretic for me, as I had to piss about every 5 minutes. Has anyone else had this type of response to M1T? I mean I usually hear of people gaining 20+lbs and bloating to hell with massive strength gains, etc.. I actually had the biggest appetite ever on the stuff too.. Do you think its possible that the M1T somehow sped up my metabolism? I mean I felt like I was on Trimax or something.. I just figured I'd ask this while it was on my mind..