4ad still good??

  1. 4ad still good??

    I have around 25-30 g or so that Ive had in an unvacuum sealed container that I bought right before the ban

    How much longer does everyone feel it has???

  2. I'd say if you seal it now it should be good for at least another year.

  3. vacuum seal you mean???

    I am planning on using in a few months time and dont want to buy a vacuum sealer what the general concensous guys is it still potent???

  4. Most steroids (unesterified) are rather inert. If the compound is protected from intense heat, the potency will remain for a few years. My lab research lab stores non-steroidal saponins, at least as susceptible to degredation as your 4-AD, at room temperature. Some of these compounds are 5+ years old and are still “good.?

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