How many AAS cycles have you done so far, and what were they?

  1. How many AAS cycles have you done so far, and what were they?

    Im just curious as to how many AAS cycles you've done and if you could, list them from first to last, and maybe some results from each..... Thanx a lot guys

  2. first: 500mg test e for 12 weeks
    30mg dbol week 1-6

    gained about 23 lbs, kept 20. liked the cycle

    second (and current cycle: 600mg test e weeks 1-16
    75-100mg anadrol weeks 1-5
    75mg tren a weeks 4-11

    i'm one week in and up 6 lb, mostly water weight of course. i'm LOVING the drol, much mroe than dbol. dbol gave me painful pumps but the drol gives the same pumps without the pain. strength and endurance are up in the gym also. and this is only week one.

    ran nolva/clomid pct the first cycle and will do the same for my current cycle. i'm also running hcg according to the swale protocol this cycle.

  3. 1 deca

    2 test

    3 test + deca

    three cycles

    6'1 234 10%bf before my injury

  4. I'm on my first one

    Dbol 1-4, Test & 1-Ttest 1-16, SDrol (maybe try Max LMG instead) 14-18.

    So far, I'm doing well. Along with diet rebound, I'm up almost 20lbs in a month with three to go 1.25" gain on waist so far, so I'ms ure much of that is water. Hopefully this translates into some damn good size down the road. I'm not expecting to put on tooooo many lbs more, but size I do expect as well as strength. Loving it so far, but "honestly" being ON isn't exactly what I'd imagined it to be. I'm horny as hell, yes, but I'm always HORRIBLE so going from horrible to horrendous isn't a huge step. Otherwise, i feel normal...only I gain faster. Then again, I'm only 4 or so weeks in so the Test E is probalby just about to "really" kick in.

  5. 1: test/dbol
    2: test/eq
    3: (and current cyle) test/deca/dbol/5aacyp

  6. 1. Sustanon 250mg/w primo 100mg/w
    2. Deca300mg/w Test 500mg/w
    3. Tren 500mg/w Cyp 500mg/w
    4. Drol 700mg/w Prop700mg/w
    5. About to start Tren-Suspension cycle along with HGH and igf-1

  7. alright guys great info and great jobs from you all... THANX

    The reason i asked this question was to get a look at what i would like to be doin in the next couple cycles down the road. keep in mind i've never even done one cycle yet, but i don't wanna get "juiced out" i guess... what i mean is, i don't wanna use so much juice that it costs me mega $$ to keep doin cycles down the road...

    I was thinkin of just Test E for the first cycle... then maybe Test E and Dbol the second cycle...

    Everytime you cycle do you have to keep uppin the dose or adding different/more roids to keep growin or what....?

    any info would be much appreciated thanx.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Squats
    Everytime you cycle do you have to keep uppin the dose or adding different/more roids to keep growin or what....?
    not necessarily. most of the time, diet is the deciding factor. ya gotta remember, the more you weigh, the more you eat. obviously, when you complete cycle #1, you'll need to eat more than usual to maintain the newly added muscle mass. sounds simple but you'd be surprised at the number of guys that forget this. they automatically assume that higher doses are the answer.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BigBody
    on my first
    currently on in week 10: 750test/600deca/600eq
    did 500test/500deca/50dbol for the first 6 weeks

    taking hcg300iu mon/thurs every week
    letro at .6mg every 3 days
    also metformin at 500mg 2x day
    and androgel pump on my ballz 4 seperate times a day
    you ran 50 mg dbol for 6 weeks? I'd be interested you see your LFT's. I shouldnt talk though, i'm runnin DBol 45 mg/daily, plannin on 4 weeks. How you liking the cycle? It seems pretty hardcore with those doses of Deca. I'll be runnin 450-600 deca weekly to maintain after a first 2 weeks of 1200 mg/week and 700-750 sust with 45 dbol, then addin 50 mg Winny/day and 500 mg Primo/week for weeks 6-12

    current cycle:

    Dianabol (weeks 1-4): 45 mg/day
    Deca (weeks 1-2): 1200 mg/week
    Deca (weeks 3-12): 450-600 mg/week
    Sustanon (weeks 1-12): 700-750 mg/week
    Winstrol (weeks 6-12): 50 mg/day
    Primobolan (weeks 6-12): 500 mg/week
    Arimidex (weeks 1-12): 0.5 mg/day

    Clomid 50 mg/day

  10. Hehe... thought you were my boy and training partner for a sec there Guido. Looks eerily similar to his. I guess I've done a good amount, enough of them to forget how many =) 3 or 4 i believe. Let's see... 24, coming up on 25 years of age. Started my first AAS cycle when I was 22. 12 weeks on, 12 weeks off..... hmmm, yea maybe 4-5. =)


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