Possible first cycle, input appreciated

  1. Possible first cycle, input appreciated

    Wk 1-10 Test E 500mg /wk
    Wk 1-3 Test P 100mg EOD
    Wk 2-12 HCG 250iu E5D
    Wk 8-12 Anavar 40mg ED

    PCT 13-17 Nolva 40/40/20/20

    This is a ways off for me (Spring Semester)

    I'm 5'9.5 about 175+
    Bench ~285, Squat ~315

    Bf% isn't high at all but I want to get it fairly low before I start.
    I'm mainly wondering about if tossing Var in toward the end to maybe lean out a little is worth it. I know diet determines this, but I've also seen a study (which i believe was posted here) showing that Anavar is a proven reducer of Abdominal SAT and bf%.

    Sound like a solid cycle? Also, what about dropping the prop and frontloading the Test E? This would achieve the same thing in getting my T levels up fast, no?

  2. i like it the way it is. prop to kick it off is a great idea. only suggestions i have would be to extend the prop to 4-5 weeks as it takes about that long for test e to kick in good. also, most guys run anavar for 8 weeks or so, not sure 4-5 weeks will be long enough.

  3. 3 weeks of prop? if you were using TNE or suspension maybe, but for me, prop just isnt fast enough for 3 weeks. if you wanna keep it lean but make the most of your cycle, try SD or M1T instead for those 3 weeks (as opposed to dbol or other big fast bulker)

    or, if you're not into harsh 17aa's, maybe prostanozol or max lmg (depending on your MPB concerns, if any)

  4. Thanks for the help... If I use prop I will go for 4 weeks instead of 3.

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