Tren Ace or Tri Tren and Test Cyp?

  1. Tren Ace or Tri Tren and Test Cyp?

    My finances will allow either:

    A) 10mL Test Cyp 200mg/mL
    20mL TriTrenabol (50 t.ace 50 t.enan 50 t.hexa) 150mg/mL


    B) 30mL Tren Ace 75mg/mL

    Which would be the best for a 4th cycle?

  2. Dunno if I'd run Tren Solo , and 10mls of Cyp ain't gonna last too long, bro.

    Your finances have screwed the option to cycle, AND I really think you need to do some reading.

  3. I would say stack up on them until you get what you want. That is what I am doing now. I got my M1T, then I am going to get my nolva and test 250 next, then the Deca. Don't rush it bro, make sure it is perfect.

  4. I would be waiting and saving... not trying to screw things up...

  5. I wouldn't run anything if I couldn't afford it.. Is a normal PCT part of the expense account?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bigpetefox
    I wouldn't run anything if I couldn't afford it.. Is a normal PCT part of the expense account?

  7. PCT is pricey as well. I think that is another reason why it is good for people to start at a older age, because of the cost. I myself don't plan on cycling til another 5-6 months if that.

  8. Agree with the advice you've received. No point in suppression with such a small qty of gear, you won't be satisfied with the results. Buy your PCT first, then buy your gear. I don't recommend the Tri-ester, stick with tren ace.

  9. Bro, listen to these guys. Save and make it right. Get your nolva, HCG, bromo, etc.; then I would triple what you were originally suggesting (get 30ml of test and 30ml of tren, that should make for a nice 12 week-er). Personally, I love the Tri-Tren. B/c of the acetate it kicks in fast and is awesome stuff. It's kinda pricy so keep that in mind. I would run test @ 200ml (at least) and the tren @ 150ml (if your doing the Tri) E3D. You WILL get killer results (just do it right)!

  10. I don't think I'd need more than 20mL of the tri tren because using it at 150mg/mL e3d (which is a good dosage rate), it would run out in 2 months, so 20mL is all I'd really need. It isn't safe to run Tren Ace longer than about 8 weeks anyway. As for the test, I'll probably get 20mL to make it 400mg/wk, just to counter the sides of the Tren. I'm not trying to make this a bulking cycle. I have all the PCT stuff already, nolva, clomid, creatine, reboundxt, so that's not an issue. How does it sound now?


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