This ebay ad is sooo f'in funny!!!

  1. lol, testosterone + IGF-1 + insulin + creatine. damn, that just takes care of everything. stock up bros.

  2. Acetyl L Carnitine – converts to the Testosterone – massive muscle growth
    Tribulus is the a powerful natural Testosterone Booster – HUGE 54% average increases in TESTOSTERONE (shown supplementing with 750mg per day – Phenomenal’s dose gives better results with 3000-5000mg and a high saponin content)
    Alpha-Lipoic-Acid – world renowned Insulin Booster
    L-Taurine – great for absorption of other nutrients and at boosting Insulin
    Vandium – to Further pump up Insulin levels Vandium is added for a tri-effect on Insulin
    Creatine – works even better with elevated testosterone and Insulin levels


  3. AHah thats great the sad thing is he has bidders

  4. picked up 12 bottles!

  5. "First and foremostly" <--- did you guys read that, too?


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