8 week cycle

  1. 8 week cycle

    Sustanon-wk 1-8 250 mg/week

    Deca durabolin- wk1-200 mg, wk 2+3-300 mg, wk 4+5+6- 400 mg, wk7- 300mg, wk8- 200 mg.

    Dbol (naps)- wk 1-4 40 mg/day, wk 5- 30 mg/day, wk6- 20

    anavar- wk 1-8, 30 mg/day

    Clomid for post cycle and nolva on hand. Any suggestions or advice aprreciated. Anyone have good experiences with certain post cycles? Please share.

  2. No insult intended..but that is quite the odd cycle.

    Try this: weeeks 1-8 sust 500/week
    Deca weeks 1-8 400/week
    dbol weeks 1-4 30-40mg/day

    Running 17AAs the length of time you suggest is nuts IMO.

    If you have the money, run armi all cycle and post cycle.

    Clomid post cycle in the typical 300/100/50 routine, but considering your using deca..I would run recovery for 4 weeks as opposed to 3

  3. i like Wardog's cycle much better than yours. Save the Anavar for another cycle.

    Here's how I'd do it:
    Sust 500mg Wk 1-10
    Deca 400mg Wk 1-10
    Dbol 1-4 35mg ED
    Hcg wk 10-12 with 20mgNolva ED

    Clomid or Nolva for 4 weeks starting on wk 13

  4. ill probably give that one a whirl.. so you think cycling for 10 weeks with sust and deca isnt too long?

  5. From your profile:

    February 24, 1984

    Which makes you 19.

    Which means you neglected to read the board rules, which means you should be terminated, but since Im a nice guy I will close this thread and expect you to not return to the steriod forum for a couple more years..

    From the Steriods Forum Rules:

    "4. People under 20 should not juice, people under 18 should not post.

    If you are under twenty and you start a post with "I am going to use ..." you are asking for a nice flaming and people will not take you seriously. People under 20 should not use steroids.

    You can hang around, read the posts and absorb the knowledge you will need to properly and safely use steroids when you are old enough, and that alone will make you get better gains and a healthier life than most people here. I recommend at least one year of research before starting any type of steroids.

    If you are 18 or older, you can post and ask questions to help you learn. Expect people to remind you that you are too young to juice however, to the point of annoyance. "



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