New to the forum- Wanted to Intro. Myself

  1. New to the forum- Wanted to Intro. Myself

    Hey everyone I just recently decided to start posting on the forums, have been reading for about a month, and wanted to say hi. So Hello everyone.

    And this is also my apology in advance for any stupid and/or inappropriate questions that I may ask.


  2. Why did you post this in the PH section you weirdo? BTW, welcome.

  3. welcome

  4. welcome buddy, but I think you have to be 21? to post in the PH section - i could be wrong. either way, it's not illegal to read and learn!
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  5. thanks guys I just posted here because this is the section I like to read and saw that it had the most people but if I have to be 21 then I'll stop



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