Gyno and Nolva/Arimidex

  1. Gyno and Nolva/Arimidex

    Nolva is the traditional remedy for gyno. I am currently not on a cycle, and a cycle was not responsible for the gyno (occured during puberty).

    Rebound XT has been used to great effect for eliminating gyno. The next non-steroidal aromatose inhibitor that came to mind was Arimidex.

    people will generally opt for an estrogen receptor antagonist such as Nolvadex (tamoxifen) or Clomid (Clomiphene). These products do not stop the formation of estrogen, but stop the estrogen from exerting its effects by competitively taking up the receptors for this hormone. This allows them to stop any problems dead in their tracks, acting very fast, but upon discontinuation allowing for immediate influx of estrogen again as well. This has the benefit that they can be used as soon as problems arise, and discontinued when they subside, thereby only reducing estrogen-mediated gains for the time-span of the occurring problem (mostly gyno). Aromatase blockers like arimidex and proviron on the other hand are more useful for those seeking to eliminate estrogen from a cycle of aromatizable steroids all together. People who are willing to settle for slower gains, in an attempt to stay lean throughout, or for those who are truly sensitive to estrogen and do not want to take the risk of problems occurring. And arimidex is the clear weapon of choice here, at least to those who can afford it.

    Now this leaves me with two questions;

    1. Which would be more effective for getting rid of this Gyno? I'm going on vacation on the 6th of August, and it's going to be hot. No shirt time, and I don't want the gyno there.

    2. Up until the trip, I will be going on and off DNP cycles (one week on, one week off, currently on my second right now) would either of these work?

  2. Anything? :/

  3. I would try using nolvadex for pubertal gyno. Research exists that shows its effectiveness. However, if nolvadex is not legal where you live and rebound xt is available then you could certainly try that.

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