On TRT.. wanting a 'boost'

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    On TRT.. wanting a 'boost'

    Hey.. I'm currently on TRT because I have to be as a result of a pit tumor a few years back. I'm taking androgel right now, and that gets my levels only up in the 500-600 range. Doctors just want to get you in the 'normal' range, and thats it. I would like to continue the gel I think, but boost it with whatever. Do you have any recommendations? I'm a complete newb when it comes to anything other T wise then my dr. perscribed. I guess in short, I'm thinking I want to start some sort of cycle and see how it works for me. I do have a small amount of the cypionate left. When I had to take it, it was injected in the glutes with a huge ass needle. Where do you do it?
    I guess I'm open to any suggestions or advice you might have.

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    glutes are a good location. 25G 1" works for me. if you want a boost, i'd suggest test.

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