cycle question

  1. cycle question

    Just wondering... in THEORY... I would like to either a) lose some fat, or b) gain some weight with minimal fat gain. Some time ago, there was this great DECAVAR product.
    I was wondering, if in theory it was used alone, what would be a good cycle and PCT use?
    Also, what are the major side effects of WINNI, and what do you guys use for PCT?

    Also, what is up with the TEST SUSPENSION, I cant seem to find much research on what exactly it is.

  2. you will not get many people to help you out cause nobody on this site does winni. That is illegal. Sorry!

  3. i figured as much. thats why i said 'in theory'.

  4. you are either younger than 21 or have a lot of reading to do.

    use the search function.

  5. "in theory" go to another site for info on illegal supps.

  6. isn't "decavar" a VPX oral??


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