Do you have to do cardio while on clen?

  1. Do you have to do cardio while on clen?

    Just wondering if you had to do cardio while on clen... I mean It already raises your body temp and metabolism so why do cardio?

  2. The figure I have seen is about 7% of BMR for clen, give or take. So you are not really talking about huge thermogenesis. You'll still need to stay hypocaloric to lose bodyweight. How you get there, i.e. diet/cardio etc is up to you. I would not expect magic from clen.

  3. I think the only cutting med that doesnt warrent cardio so much is DNP.

    As above clen isnt that special.

  4. my gf did a two weeker, lost ten pounds. she ate cereal and carbs as usual. didnt lift or exercise, changed nothing. dropped to a size 3 from a 4, considerable diff in her appearance. clen is magic

  5. Clen is a hate it or love it thing. I love it, and burn more fat on it when I leave carbs in as opposed to a ketogenic diet with it. Go figure. Oh and I still lose weight without cardio, but of course cardio enhances it.



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