1st Cycle Update

  1. 1st Cycle Update

    Thought I would post a thread on how my 1st cycle is going. I am in the 1st half of week 5.

    QV TestE 500mg
    QV Deca 300mg
    1st couple of weeks was doing DenKall DBol, but I stopped that.
    Too much stuff going on at once, could not tell what was doing what.

    Started feeling Deca about 1 -2 weeks ago, and Test is kicking in now.

    I have gained 10lbs in last 4 weeks.

    Since I am an old man (51) wanted to see how it felt having all that test in me again.

    It feels great.

    Getting a little oily skin, but no acne (thank god)

    My dick gets hard at ANYTHING...


    So far so good, all my strength lifts (bench, deadlift, squat) are climbing.

    I go to gym at least 5 days per week, on a 5 x 5 program for my strength lifts (Jun / July).

  2. looks good mike....great 1st cycle choice...next time try test/eq at 500 each for 12 weeks

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