Hey all. I have been doing a lot of research here, but have not been posting much as of yet. I have been impressed with what is mostly very intelligent discussion with good experience and research backing it up. I am looking for some thoughts on an issue I have not been able to dig up much information on. The background is that I am a recreational bodybuilder, basically into general health and fitness, but doing it for mainly for personal enjoyment and discipline seeing as I recognize a future in the competitive aspects of the sport is unlikely. I have dabbled some with PH's, but have not done more than two cycles in a 1 year timeframe as I get most all I want from training and diet. Basically using the PH's as assistance to break through plateaus. I have also found that even with training harder and eating more, I tend to rip up while on a cycle, and for some time after. Long story short, I have managed to save a decent little supply of SNS MOHN-XT, and I am excited that if I can keep it from breaking down, I will be able to take advantage of it for some time to come. I realize this is much milder than what many of the users of this board prefer, but I also understand that on the safety continuum, this is also a much more conservative option, and for my purposes this is just fine.

This is a typical capsule delivery system, so I imagine long term storage could pose some problems, and I am looking for some advice. For now, it is all in unopened bottles in the depth of my cool, relatively dry cellar. I am not sure what the best plan would be for long term, and was hoping you guys would have some insight. What are you all doing? Anyone experience in storing this particular stuff. What is a realistic estimate of how long I can keep this stuff if stored properly?

Also, I have to admit that prior to being on this board, I now realize that I was quite naive as to the intricacies of PCT. In the past, I have used both Novedex and Rebound, and thought both worked fine, as all would appear to have gone back to normal. I have also used 6-oxo, but on its own, and not necessarily for PCT purposes, and thought it had some value in its own right. Anyway, all that aside, I realize that from everything I have read, I really need to go back to the drawing board, and before planning another cycle (probably sometime early in the fall), I need to come up with a best bet for good PCT and supporting supplementation during my cycle. Anyone have MOHN experience and thoughts to share for getting the most out of my cycle and PCT, including keeping as much of my gains as possible?