it has been six months since . . .

  1. it has been six months since . . .

    my last sd, 1 test, 4ad cycle so this will be my next cycle starting next week.

    lasting 45 days

    M 1,4 add 175mg ed
    tansdermal 4ad 600mg ed
    transdermal tren ace 177mg ed

    nolva 40, 40, 20, 20

    also i might run triac the last 2 weeks of the cycle followed by clen the first 2 weeks of pct to cut depending on how the tren and diet works on bf

    thought or input are appreciated especially on the feedback concerning the triac and clen at the end

    also during cycle supps include nac, r ala, milk thistle, taurine, mutlivitamin, alcar, niacin, and red rice yeast

  2. why bother with transdermal tren ace?

    if your going to use real tren, you might as well go on to injections

  3. fair question
    i will be traveling much the next couple of months so i don't want to carry pins on the plane and transdermals are less suspiciouse looking if they are checked

    my next winter cycle will be test e, deca, and dbol so no i am not afraid of darts. i do alternate use with aas and ph cylces depending on my tavel schedule and supply of my aas source.
    btw trans tren can be done effectively although it is x2 the cost.

  4. I would not use the triac for two weeks at the end. Most see significant results after 4 weeks and some run it out as far a 6 weeks with very pronounced results. I don't think two weeks will yield much for you.

  5. Clen is a good idea PCT if you can tolerate it.

  6. Trans tren acetate has crappy absorption due to the acetate ester. You need to convert it to tren base to use it as a transdermal.........or just pin it.


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