I've been around here a while and I still need to do alot of research, particulary on cutting cycles. I'm used to bulking cycles, which are pretty straight forward, but never have I done a cutter. So its my understanding that the steroids preserve the muscle while one could go on massive calorie deficits, and burn plenty of fat and not have much to worry about muscle loss. Is this correct? I'd like to lose as much fat as possible without burning up too much muscle. I am 230ish lbs right now at 6'3" with a good amount of fat. My overall goals (don't have to be completed in the cycle): Lean out to like 200lbs or a bit less, then muscle back up to 215-220. So its a pretty big goal.

Well I still need to do some research, but what kind of cutting cycle would ya'll recommend with these items:

1. M4OHN
2. Superdrol
3. 4OHT
4. Prostanazol
5. Ergomax LMG

I was thinking a 6 week cut.

M4OHN - 4 weeks - 40mg everyday
Prostanazol - 4 weeks - 75mg everday
4OHT - 6 weeks - 200mg transdermal
SD or LMG last 2 weeks

I'd run the SD or LMG the last couple weeks to gain some muscle at the end, even though I'm pretty sure the front cutter part would put on mass while dropping fat.

How much cardio can be done on a cutting cycle? Running 5 days a week every morning for 20 minutes (first thing in the morning, no food except a protein only, no carb shake). Would that start eating muscle?

Diet seems pretty straight forward on a cutting cycle, small meals spaced out 6 times or so a day, all extremely clean, high protein, very low carb on non training days, medium (high gi) carbs on training days? Then the last 2 weeks of LMG or SD I can gorge myself to put that mass on.

How many lbs is it possible to lose like this (max avg lbs) on a cycle like this? I know naturally its about 2lbs a week, so assited maybe 4? When I get an estimate of how much I can lose on cycle, I can cut naturally till I get to the point to where I can initiate the cycle and finish off the fat losing goal. I will worry about bulking back up later.

Let me know what you all think. Thanks.