Why do I feel hot all of a sudden?

  1. Why do I feel hot all of a sudden?

    Hey Guys,

    I'm in my 2nd week of Tren (75mg eod) + Testprop cycle (100mg eod) and, so far, everything is working out ok. But the last few days have been remarkably surprising. I have heard of hot flashes from using Tren but somehow I feel my body temperature has gotten hotter all of a sudden. I feel fine, my appetite is normal, workouts okay. Even my wife noticed it when she gave me a big hug last night - " Hey, do you feel ok? Do you have a fever? You sure are warm. "

    I guess this is one of the side effects of Tren then.

  2. Yup tren is notourious for it.

    I sweat like a mo'fo on tren especially in the nights.

  3. yup major side of tren...you could probably lower to 50mg eod and be fine

  4. It's the over production of prostaglandins, and afew other chemical reactions..

  5. It's god getting back at you for not researching Tren enough



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