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    I have a lump under my right nipple and I am sure that this is from gyno. This is not a new problem it came about a year ago from lack of knowledge combined with AS abuse and no post cycle therapy. It is just a small lump and has not gotten to the visually noticeable point but can be felt and causes discomfort sometimes. Like when doing preacher curls where my chest is up against the pad. I have since used some winny tabs and eq(last summer) and it never had any affect on my little lump. I am now on fina/sust/eq and am monitering closely. I have clomid and nolvadex but my question is this. Is 10mg Nolvadex EOD enough to deter the continuation the growth of this lump. 300mg sust/week 200mg eq/week 150mg tren/week

  2. im sorry to hear that man,but i would stay on the safe side since your gyno prone and run atleast 20mgs ed nolva throughout.its always better to be safe than sorry bro,good luck!


  3. Yeah, probably best to play it safe. You could always start at 10 and see how you feel, obviously monitoring closely and bump up if necessary..


  4. run nolva thro out , dont worry about how much it will affect the gains , it wont affect the gains much at all .

  5. thanks for the input people. I think that I will play it safe and start with 10mg nolva ED and moniter the situation. If it gets worse I'll just up the dosage a bit. I would hate to have some full blown gyno just in time for summer.

  6. has anyone here ever had to get some gyno surgically removed??


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