Upcoming PH Cycle

  1. Upcoming PH Cycle

    OK this will be my first ever PH cycle. I've read just about everything I can at this point. I looking for this cycle to be a lean bulker. Not looking for anything too crazy in the way of gains but of few Lbs of LBM would be nice, a dip in BF% would also be nicer. Here's the proposed cycle, let me guys know what you think.

    Max LMG: Weeks 1-6 75mg per day
    ProStanzonol: Weeks 1-3 and 6-8 75mg per day
    SuperDrol: Weeks 6-8 start at 10mg per day and go from there.
    PCT: UH, Nolvadex Weeks 9-12 (addition lipid support will also be added here)

    Seems like a solid stack to me, anyone see any problems here?

  2. I don't see any "problems" with it, but it seems like overkill for a 1st time. Go ahead and get all of that stuff now (if you already haven't), but use it for several, less complex cycles. It's good to do a lot of research, but there's still a lot of learning you will be doing in this process. You will learn how YOUR body responds to different compounds, what type of diet YOU require for your goals, what YOU need to do during PCT to keep your gains, etc. I think you should run a 3 or 4 weeker of SD only, run a good PCT and see how everything went, make adjustments and get ready for another cycle. Next time you could run the Max LMG.

    Don't get me wrong, I think the proposed cycle could work very well. But, what if you don't get your cals just right during pct? That's a lot of cash down the drain. Maybe you don't respond well to one or two of these compounds? The other one or two compounds might mask this and you wouldn't know which compound(s) really work well for you and which ones don't.

    My personal opininion is that you should run simple, proven cycles the first few times to learn about the compounds and how you respond to them. Learn how to do proper pct. Then get a little crazier and try the complex stacks. I think you'll be happier down the line and will probably be a lot more in tune with your body. Not to mention the cost savings. This is obviously just one man's opinion, so take it for what it's worth & good luck to you.


  3. Wow....Thanks for the imput....I really appreciate it, I hear what your saying and I think your right I'll try a few compounds at a time and see how its goes. In terms of diet, mines spot on i have my macro and kcal breakdown right where I want them. I've cycled Test-E DBol as well as Winny before so I'm not sure if I should reference my previous cycles to this PH as of course it'll be different. Also I've done PCT for my previous cycles so i know what to go with there, just wanted to try UH, that'll be a new one for me. Also the only reason I'm trying out PH's instead of going back to true aas, is quite simply. I moved in my girl and the whole hiding, injecting thing ain't gonna cut it, know what I mean!!! So if a get a few bottles couple weird names, this won't raise a red flag!! And I should be all good! Regardless I'm def ordering all of the above!

  4. OK, you obviously have more experience than what I gathered from your original post. But, since these particular compounds are new to you, I still think it would be a decent idea to run 1 or maybe two at a time to see how you respond to these compounds. Your experience with diet while "on" and your pct experience will help tremendously while running these legal cycles. Good luck and keep us posted.


  5. Yeah I'll def be running a log!



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