Need opinions on T-1 pro plan

  1. Need opinions on T-1 pro plan

    I will be starting a T-1 pro cycle when it arrives late this week. Since I have a bottle of 1-AD, I will begin taking 600 mg of that for ten days (starting tomorrow most likely), and when my T-1 pro arrives (probably wednesday or thursday) I will begin taking 2 ml applied twice daily. When I run out of 1-AD, Ill start applying 3ml twice daily until I have been on t-1 pro for 4 weeks. (Meaning the overall cycle will be about 4 weeks and 2-3 days) So in a way I will kind of be front loading the cycle.

    Right now I am 5'8, 165 lbs, low bodyfat. (Not sure, but anywhere from 9-12%) My diet consists of 3750 calories: About 270p/465c/90f which is pretty close to the 30/50/20 protein/carbs/fat ratio.

    Anyways, here is my diet, routine, and pic (as you can see I have a decent base, and also its about 1 week old so add another week of religious cutting =) ) I am looking for lean gains mainly and to stay at around the same BF I am now. Let me know if I need more/less cals, higher/lower volume training, etc etc.

    Edit: Forgot to add that Ill be taking 6OXO and ZMA post cycle, then I will begin another cycle 4 weeks later then take a long break after that.
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  2. Come on none of you gurus saw this?

  3. nice pic man, looks like u got ur **** together. im going for a similiar physique as u. more of the cut look than bulk like most ppl i see at the gym. just looked over ur meal plan for a bit and saw at one meal u ate 15 eggwhites, now how in the hell can u afford to eat 15 egg whites everyday. do u buy ur eggs by the truckload? lol

  4. Save the 1ad for cutting. No use in taking both at the same time.

  5. Okay Scotty, will do thanks =) My stuff was shipped today, so I should be getting it by Friday, Saturday, or Monday. The diet looks okay?

    Oh, and the eggwhites... I get them for 7 dollars a gallon at the local egg farm, and many times I substitute other things in as well, such as a protein shake or extra chicken breast, etc. Thanks for the compliment too Mattdogg.

  6. np problem man, keep up the good work


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