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  1. Unhappy Anavar Question

    I purchased some 12.5mg Anavar tabs from a compounding pharamacy. I was taking 3 pills a day for a total of 37.5mg/day. Three weeks into the cycle I felt absolutely nothing and discountinued their use. I am a 165lbs ecto and I thought I should have seen/felt some results after that time.

    My question is: how long does it take for Anavar to start working?

    Was it a mistake to divide the does up?

  2. 1. at 165, unless your 5 foot 2 your not ready for aas.

    2. at three weeks, you definitley should have felt something, splitting the dose shouldnt really effect the efficacy.

  3. var should set in rather quickly but since you're not stacking with anything else, you might have been looking for too much in an one substance oral only cycle. Var is a great product, but its a lean muslce gainer, and a good strength gainer as well, but it wont give you dramatic weight increase such as anadrol, even dianabol.

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