New guys stacking advised...

  1. New guys stacking advised...

    I cannot help but notice that some of you guys are stacking multiple orals for your cycles. Some are stacking methyls, some are stacking methyls w/ unmethylated orals, etc...

    For one thing, stacking methyls is a nono...I don't understand how some people can just throw this out the window and proceed to mess up their bodies. I don't care what you have done in the past, or what you "think" you know about compounds and the human body, this is complete wrecklessness.

    Second of all, just because a compound is not methylated, doesn't mean that it cannot be liver/kidney toxic at either high enough doseages, longer durations, and again, stacking them. This is not a wise choice either people. I just saw a guy that's stacking four different products, and they're all boot, these are all new products just coming out and not much if anything is known about them yet. Even more, this kid is only 18yrs. old.

    When you do this, other's will just follow, because they think it's the norm....especially these REALLY young 22 yr. We all know that these guys aren't of age, but are only lying in order to not get flamed here...but what are ya gonna do?

    Please take my and other's advice and chiggity check yoself befo ya wreck yoself...this is a board that's based on spreading knowledge, and this ain't spreading knowledge when you guys do this, it's spreading ignorance. We don't need members having to lineup for liver transplants or kidney failure guys, spread the knowledge like I am, and STOP THE INSANITY!!

  2. Amen Bro... im 23 and still havent even tried a ProHormone yet. This is partially due to fear of liver problems, and partially due to $$$ problems (grad school sucks!)
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

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