Trying To Set Up A Cycle Of Transdermal 4AD By itself. Need Some Help!!

  1. Trying To Set Up A Cycle Of Transdermal 4AD By itself. Need Some Help!!

    I got a bottle of Legal Gear Transdermal 4AD. I would like to run a cycle, but I have some questions, and I also need to know what to take with it?

    1. Is it worth it to run 4AD by itself? I have never used any PH before.
    2. What could I expect from this cycle?
    3. Will it effect my liver even though it's transdermal?

    I also need to know what doses to run, and how long to run the cycle. And what to use for PCT. And how long to do the PCT.

    Please help me set this cycle up. Thanks

  2. Damn bro... Did you do any research AT ALL before jumping right into this?

  3. yea, ive researched it, but it's really hard to find info on a cycle of 4AD by itself. Since most people stack 4AD with something else. I've searched but found no answers to my questions.

  4. The answers are there, yes you can, but one bottle certainly is no enough.

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