natural testosterone levels

  1. natural testosterone levels

    i was wondering how much beard growth is a representation of high natural testosterone levels? i have good natural muscularity and i dont have any trouble putting on muscle mass, but i cant grow facial hair on the sides of my face. how is facial hair regulated in the body and how much does it have to do w/natural test levels?

  2. No that has nothing to do with test levels

  3. I had the same problem a few years ago. As soon as I ran my first cycle of test, it was like it grew in By the end of that 10 week cycle, I went from a boy to a man..lmao. Unfortunaley it also started popping out these real nast thick black hairs on my upper arms, upper back, down triceps...very odd now I gotta shave it off since it gets outa control if I let it go for ahwile...

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